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Peshtemal - Turkish Towels

Wood loom is a weaving product unique to the Buldan region of Denizli province in Turkey. These peshtemals are traditionally produced on hand looms and woven using 100% cotton yarns.

Wood loom peshtemals are commonly used as bath towels and are preferred for gently drying the skin. They can also be used as beach towels, picnic blankets or for decorative purposes.

Another important feature of these peshtemals is that they are lightweight and thin. This allows them to be easily folded and carried. They can also be washed frequently due to their quick-drying feature and are long-lasting.

The history of Wood loom peshtemals dates back to the Ottoman period. During the Ottoman Empire, masters who produced peshtemals used special looms called “Wood loom.” These looms were designed to ensure the fine and light weaving of peshtemals. The advantages of a wooden loom include high durability, long lifespan, and being made of natural materials. 

Today, Wood loom peshtemals are still produced by hand-weaving methods in the Buldan region. Peshtemals contribute to the preservation of regional cultural heritage and continue to be popular among users due to their superior features. You will never want to give up using the peshtemal that you will feel natural when touching it.

Natural pumpkin fiber soap with goat milk | Loofah Soap
Natural pumpkin fiber soap with goat milk | Loofah Soap
Natural pumpkin fiber soap with goat milk | Loofah Soap

Natural Handmade Loofah Soap

By adding natural pumpkin fiber and goat milk to our 100% handmade soaps, we enhance your bath experience with natural, rejuvenating, and moisturizing effects. Natural pumpkin fiber provides a massaging effect that helps regulate blood circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells from the skin, leaving it looking more vibrant and radiant.

  • Provides a rich and creamy lather to moisterize and soften your skin

  • It is practical. It is easy to carry on long journeys.

  • They are perfect as gifts for occasions such as birthdays, housewarming parties, bridal showers, stocking stuffers, or simply to brighten someone's day.

  • In summary, if you are looking for an all-natural, two-in-one option that is easy to use and carry around while traveling, then loofah soap is an excellent choice.

  • Made in Turkey

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